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Dealing with algae in your ponds/water features

02 Nov 2018 | Designer Water Features

Dealing with algae in your ponds/water features

It’s that time of the year again! One minute the sun is out and the next you are huddled up next to the heater. Unfortunately for us, this weather is perfect for the growth of algae and blanket weed. Fear not! As both blanket weed and algae is very easy to treat

How can I tell if I have blanket weed?

Run a stick through your water and if stringy green substances are caught on the stick you have blanket weed. An easy way to treat it is to pop into our office and pick up some extract of barley straw which will clear up your feature/pond and having it looking brand new again! 

We also offer other various types of water maintenance products that will keep your features clean, such as pond pump cleaners, water plant fertilizers and algae treatments. Come and visit us at our office to have a chat with us on how you can keep your features clean this summer