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MIFGS - Paul Pritchard Landscapes

31 Mar 2023 | Designer Water Features

MIFGS - Paul Pritchard Landscapes

Water Features Direct has collaborated with Paul Pritchard Landscapes in the creation of 'Tectonic Fluidity' at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. This space represents an exercise in tectonic fluidity and meditation, an opportunity to expand a small area through the use of varying levels, textures & movement. Sharp angles are displayed yet one is able to move seamlessly throughout the dynamic garden.

Whilst the flowing water juxtaposes the angular form of the pond, the viewer contemplates the meeting of nature’s shapes with those of a contemporary lifestyle. The harmonious union of elements celebrates the push towards a modern future which maintains classical beauty and embraces modern innovation.

Mother nature provides flourishing flora and flowing water; visual and auditory movement allowing space for reflection and contemplation.