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East Short Pot Grey

$59.00 – $299.00
Our East Short range, these beautiful pots are a lite weight material can be used as planters or water features sizes are: Large 55x80cm, Medium 40x60cm, Small 30x50cm, XSmall 20x38cm

Water Features

  • Copper Rain ShowerWater Wall – 3D Antique SquaresWater Wall – BambooWater Wall – Black AbstractWater Wall – Black LouverWater Wall – Black SquaresWater Wall – Bocci BallsWater Wall – Bracelet DesignWater Wall – BubblesWater Wall – BuddhaWater Wall – Cherry Blossom Water Wall – Cherry Blossom CircleWater Wall – Circles InWater Wall – Circles OutWater Wall – City LifeWater Wall – DandelionWater Wall – FloralWater Wall – Grape VineWater Wall – MagnoliaWater Wall – Many RiversWater Wall – MazeWater Wall – Shiny AbstractWater Wall – Shiny Black OverlapWater Wall – Shiny LouverWater Wall – Shiny OverlapWater Wall – Shiny SquaresWater Wall – SunsetWater Wall – TapestryWater Wall – Tree of LifeWater Wall – Tulip
    Water Walls 30
  • Copper Tower – Bamboo ForestCopper Tower – Black Louver Copper Tower – Shiny LouverCopper Tower – Tree of Life Copper Tower – TulipCopper Tower – Wave Design Giant Triple Copper Tower – Cherry BlossomGiant Triple Copper Wall – SunrayGiant Triple Tower – Tree of LifeGrind Finish TowerSquare Grind ColumnsTexture Finish Tower
    Tower Water Features 12
  • Raven Bowl Package3 Pot Kendang PackageClassic Wok PackageDimples PackageEllipse Bowl PackageEllipse Bubbler PackageGentong PackagesMedium Stand & Shallow Bowl PackagePedestal 4 Balls PackageRaven Bowl Bubbler PackageShallow Bowl PackageSphere Stone Ball PackagesStainless Steel Wet Edge PackageTall Stand and Shallow Bowl Package’sWater Bowl PackageZen Fountain Package
    Stone Water Packages 16

Bowls, Pots and Urns

  • Ellipse BowlGentong Pot CharcoalKendang PotOval Water BowlRaven BowlShallow BowlStone Kotak PotWater Bowl
    Architectural Bowls 8
  • Ancient Atlantis PotAncient Cinnamon JarAncient Classic PotAncient Dimple PotAncient Lotus PotAncient Opium PotAncient Pluto PotAncient Saffron JarAncient Water Bowl Dimple Pot BlackDimple Pot BronzeGinger Jar BronzeGinger Jar Shiny BlackAncient Low BowlPotting Mix
    Glazed and Terracotta 15
  • Bonnie BowlClassic WokCylinderEast Short Pot BlackEast Short Pot GreyEast Short Pot WhiteEgg Pot TallEvie Pot BlackEvie Pot GreyEvie Pot WhiteKotak Pot BlackKotak Pot GreyKotak Pot WhiteShallow Bowl White LiteweightTulip Pot BlackTulip Pot GreyTulip Pot WhiteYarra BowlPotting Mix
    Light Weight Pots 19
  • Ellipse BowlGentong Pot CharcoalG-Jar CharcoalG-Jar NaturalKendang PotOval Water BowlRaven BowlShallow BowlStone Kotak PotStone Kotak Rectangular PotWater Bowl
    Stone Pots and Planters 11
  • Ancient Atlantis PotAncient Cinnamon JarAncient Classic PotAncient Dimple PotAncient Lotus PotAncient Opium PotAncient Pluto PotAncient Saffron JarAncient Water Bowl Bonnie BowlClassic WokCylinderDimple Pot BlackDimple Pot BronzeEast Short Pot BlackEast Short Pot GreyEast Short Pot WhiteEgg Pot TallEllipse BowlEvie Pot BlackEvie Pot GreyEvie Pot WhiteGentong Pot CharcoalGinger Jar BronzeGinger Jar Shiny BlackG-Jar CharcoalG-Jar NaturalKendang PotKotak Pot BlackKotak Pot GreyKotak Pot WhiteOval Water BowlRaven BowlShallow BowlShallow Bowl White LiteweightStone Kotak PotStone Kotak Rectangular PotTulip Pot BlackTulip Pot GreyTulip Pot WhiteWater BowlYarra BowlAncient Low BowlPotting Mix
    All Pots & Urns 44


  • Aluco Screen - AmazonAluco Screen - Cell AAluco Screen - Cell BAluco Screen - Cell CAluco Screen - City StreetsAluco Screen - DimplesAluco Screen - EvaAluco Screen - FleurAluco Screen - Leaf Vein AAluco Screen - Leaf Vein BAluco Screen - PebblesAluco Screen - TessBungalowByronDaintreeEmpireGondwanaHerringboneLanternLeafstreamMahjongMarakeshModinaMountain AshOrientStar JasmineWoolamai
    Designer Screens 27
  • Custom Stainless Steel Wet Edge Package Shallow Bowl & Stainless Steel ShutesStainless Steel DescentStainless Steel Rain ShowerStainless Steel ShutesStainless Steel SpoutsStainless Steel WallStainless Steel Wet Edge Package
    S/S Shutes & Wet Edge Ponds 8
  • Cast Statue Buddha CandleCast Statue GaneshCast Statue Sitting BuddhaCast Statue Standing Buddha CakraCast Statue Standing Dewi SriDancing Couple StatueGone with the Wind StatueGrapevine Copper SculptureMother and Child StatueRounded 8 StatueSitting Lady StatueSleeping Man StatueStone Balls CharcoalStone Balls NaturalTerrazzo Egg ChairsYoga Pose Statue
    Statues and Sculpture 16
  • Acrylic WaterwallsBluestone Honed PaversBluestone Sawn PaversBronze SpoutCombo Waterwalls Stainless SteelSolar Fountain Pump with Battery BackupStainless Steel ShutesStainless Steel Spouts
    Swimming Pool Accessories 8
  • Stone Bench SeatFirepitTerrazzo Egg Chairs
    Outdoor Furniture 3
  • Aqualux Weatherproof TransformersAqualux Garden Spike Light Aged BrassAqualux Garden Spike Light Antique BrassAqualux Garden Spike Light Brass BlackAqualux Pond Light BrassLight Spike EcoLight Spike TurboPond Max Light
    Lighting 8
  • Low Voltage Pump 2300lphLow Voltage Pump 4000lphPower Clear 3 in 1 Pond PumpsPressure Filter 600LPump 1000lph 240vPump 2000lph 240vPump 3000lph 240vPump 4000lph 240vSolar Fountain Pump with Battery BackupSolar Pumps 980LPHWhiskey Barrel
    Pumps 11
  • Informal Pond - Ennerdale Informal Pond - TahoePond Pro Barley Straw ExtractPond Pro Green AwayPond Pro Sludge Away Round Poly Ponds - SSquare Poly Ponds - 90cm
    Ponds 7
  • Bluestone Honed PaversBluestone Organic StepperBluestone Sawn Pavers
    Pavers 3